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Aims & Purposes

The Kyle of Sutherland District Salmon Fisheries Board has a duty to ensure the general protection and enhancement of the fishery through means such as:

Providing fishery protection.

• Policing the purchase and sale of illegally caught and unseasonable fish.

• Ensuring the fish have free passage over obstructions to migration.

• Protecting juvenile fish and spawning redds.

The Board will endeavour to:

• Reverse the national trend in the decline of Atlantic salmon by implementing programs that safeguard and enhance the natural spawning stock throughout the Kyle region.

• Conduct habitat, population and migration assessments to guide management strategies.

• Encourage good conservation policies to prevent over exploitation of salmon by rod and net fisheries.

• Extend awareness by promoting the importance of responsible angling through education and the regular exchange of information within schools, the community and government.

• Raise the profile of the economic, cultural and environmental benefits of the five Kyle Rivers to the local community.