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Sean Robertson

On 13th June 2019 a Salmon showing hemorrhaging on its underside, and with a secondary infection of saprolegnia was caught within the district. An inspector from Marine Scotland was in the area and accompanied by our Science and Mitigation Officer took samples from the fish. It will be at least two weeks before we have bacteriology results back from this. We will provide an update when results come through, however in the meantime we would urge everyone to follow the recent advice from Fisheries Management Scotland in regards to these diseased fish – see here

Update from Atlantic Salmon Trust – July 2019
Damaged fish update

On the 15th March 2019, Dr Matt Newton from the Atlantic Salmon Trust and Mikolaj from SCENE in Glasgow visited us on the Oykel with some acoustic receivers to be deployed for “The Missing Salmon” project. Unfortunately the river was too high to put the receivers in, but we got the locations sorted. The receivers have been left up here and will be deployed when river height allows. Next week receivers are due to be deployed on the Shin, and some will also go in the Kyle. Again we would like to thank all who have fundraised and donated to this project to make it possible, fingers crossed some interesting results should come out of this project!


On the 27th of February 2019, we were out on the River Oykel with Steven MacKenzie, and Dr Tim Meadows from APEM, to do the first round of sampling for the sediment fingerprinting study. Using some basic equipment (a metal dustbin with the bottom cut off and a drill with a paint mixer) allowed us to isolate a portion of the riverbed, and agitate the substrate to suspend sediment in the water for us to sample. The result can be seen in the color of the sample bottles, note the variation in how dark some of them are. These samples will be sent away for analysis in a laboratory. In the summer time we’ll take more in-river samples, as well as some outwith the river bed to try and identify potential sources.

A draft of Kyle Fisheries’ new Fishery Management Plan is out for consultation. We invite you to take a look, and if you have any comments please send them to A PDF can be downloaded here and a microsoft word version here.

The proposed conservation categories for our rivers has been released for next year by the Scottish Government. These gradings are out for consultation and not the final gradings, but we will not be putting in an objection to these assessments so they are likely to remain at these gradings.
River Carron: Category 1
River Evelix: Category 3
River Oykel SAC (includes River Cassley): Category 1
River Shin: Category 1
More information on the proposed river gradings can be found on the Scottish Government’s website
Keepemwet fishing is a great website we came across with some fantastic tips for best practice catch and release. This is so important because the better condition a fish is in when it returns to the water, the more likely is is to survive and spawn.  Have a browse through their website here;