Supporting Better Public Awareness

Schools & Education

We aim to inspire the local community with educational initiatives featuring the diverse habitats and species within the Kyle of Sutherland district.

We are currently working on our future education strategy to involve the community and schools within the catchment.


Freshwater Pearl Mussels

We have recently completed an educational project with local schools about the Freshwater Pearl Mussels, ‘Pearls in Peril’.  The local primary schools that got involved were Rosehall, Gledfield and Dornoch.

The aim of 'Pearls in Peril’ was to raise awareness of freshwater pearl mussels with children in local catchments, as well as to highlight the species’ important cultural history in Scotland. We taught primary school children about its unusual lifecycle, its habitat requirements, and about threats to the species’ survival.
The programme included a range of activities, workbooks and presentations.

Pearls in Peril

Pearls in the classroom education sheets