Safeguarding our rivers for future generations

The Kyle Catchment

The water catchment of the Kyle of Sutherland & Dornoch Firth extends eastwards to a line from Tarbat Ness lighthouse to Embo Point. The Principle Rivers of the Kyle region are the Carron; Shin; Cassley; Oykel and the Evelix.

Hydro-electric Power

Three of the five Kyle Rivers, the Carron, Cassley and Shin are affected by hydro-electric power schemes. The Shin scheme is the most important as it has consistent water flow though the holding capacity of Loch Shin and this can guarantee an agreed level of water flow. The Carron and Cassley are primarily diversionary schemes and have limited holding capacity, therefore are unable to supply a consistent summer flow. Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) operates and controls the hydro schemes and we currently enjoy an excellent working relationship with them. They regularly financially support much of the conservation and scientific work carried out within the catchment.

Kyle Rivers Fishing Map

We are very pleased to be able to offer for sale the KYLE RIVERS FISHING MAP which features the 4 primary rivers of the Oykel, Cassley, Carron and Shin.  The size is 400 x 600 mm unframed and retails at £34.00 the small profit we make on each map will be donated directly into the Kyle Trust funds.  To order a map just email us at

The maps are produced by Nigel Houldsworth and you can see more of his work here:-

Fishing maps - Kyle beats