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Buyer Beware


It is an offence to sell rod caught wild Scottish Atlantic Salmon.

The only source of wild Scottish Atlantic salmon which may be purchased are those caught from net and coble fisheries in Category 1 or 2 waters.

It is now a legal requirement that any wild Scottish Atlantic salmon killed at a net and coble fishery is tagged with a carcass tag as soon as it is brought to the shore. Printed on each tag is a unique number as well as the name of the netting station where it was caught. The tag must be inserted through the gills and then through the mouth and be locked in place. A tag may only be removed when the salmon is prepared for cooking or smoking, is cut into steaks, cutlets or other portions immediately prior to it being offered, or exposed for sale, or is prepared for your own consumption.

It is a criminal offence to be in possession of illegally taken salmon. If you are offered wild Scottish salmon and they do not have a carcass tag attached, then do not accept them. Should you be offered any salmon which are not carcass tagged or you have any concerns about them then please report the matter in confidence to your the Kyle Fishery Board or to Police Scotland by calling 101.