Help keep our waters cool

New Woodland Projects

River Oykel tree planting

In late 2021 Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries Trust and Board staff planted 1500 native willows, alders, rowan, aspen and other species along the banks of the River Oykel. The trees were kindly provided by Mossy Earth and the tree guards were funded by a donation from the McMullan family.



Biodiversity Challenge Fund

River Tirry tree planting

Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries Trust, along with Galloway and Argyll Fishery Trusts were awarded grants from NatureScot's Biodiversity Challenge Fund to plant trees in their catchments. In the Kyle we planted 5000 trees in the River Tirry area on land owned by Forestry and Land Scotland, who have also given assistance during the process. These trees will benefit fish species such as salmon and trout, but also freshwater pearl mussels. Pearl mussels are a filter feeder, and adults can filter up to 50 liters of water a day, keeping water clear for other species. We thank NatureScot for the funding and look to facilitate more projects to help mitigate global warming in future.



Pearls in Peril Project

River Oykel tributaries tree planting

In 2016 Kyle of Sutherland water bailiffs planted locally sourced birch trees to create seed sources and riparian buffer zones along several kilometres of two key Oykel tributaries close to Benmore. The planting was part of the EU LIFE-funded Pearls in Peril project. Particular thanks go to Neil McInnes, Environment Manager for the North Highland District of Forest Enterprise Scotland for sourcing the trees and for assistance in ensuring they were planted correctly.

During 2022 Fisheries Trust staff have been documenting success rates and carrying out maintenance on the trees and removing tree shelters where possible, while retaining tree stakes where required for stability. Overall, success rates have been excellent with many groups of trees thriving. Biodegradable tree stake ties have been deployed to support trees after removal and recycling of plastic guards.

Fisheries Trust and Board staff recovering tree guards before re-staking trees with biodegradable ties to provide stability as trees establish.