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Scale Image Library

Kyle Fisheries has amassed a collection of fish scales from juveniles and adults collected over the course of a wide variety of activities. These scales are a valuable resource as "reading" them can give us some information about this fish. Its age, growth rate and whether it was farmed or wild in origin. Some of these scales have been read in house, and others by a professional scale reader. Here we present some of the adult scales that have been given to us over time. This is quite a laborious process so we have been unable to read and upload an image of every single scale, however we hope that you will find it an interesting resource!

The Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre have some great resources on their website which can be accessed here SFCC. If scale reading is of interest to you, why not take a look at their resources and have a go at aging our scales yourself! The SFCC also has a great scale library which inclues salmon and sea trout, and is well worth a look.


Kyle of Sutheland Scales